$5000/ETH? Latest Ethereum (ETH) Price Predictions!

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Today we have some Ethereum news and some of my price predictions with basic animation to explain a couple of different scenarios with the prices in my opinion this must be said none of this is legal tax and/or financial advice I am NOT a financial advisor please always do your own research before investing before we actually move on to this article I want to point out my channel cryptocurrency logic if you enjoy it feel free to subscribe to it I’ll provide a link in the description below I have about 35 to 40 videos available there I also have my Twitter page so feel free to join those if you’d like or subscribe to the page let’s begin with the news the etherium Foundation announced the achievements made over the last year and how it plans to allocate its resources over the next 12 months the etherium foundation has redefined its strategy to do what is best for the ecosystem focusing on where the most value can be added and allowing others to add value based on their expertise under the philosophy of subtraction the foundation is moving away from growing and accumulating value within themselves in inverted comments instead they have been distributing opportunities to the community pushing resources out to teams across the ecosystem and encouraging other organisations to improve the Ethereum blockchain so that it can become more decentralized and sustainable if we scroll down the page we have an image here comparing the two mindsets here and addition and the subtraction mindset the Ethereum Foundation is a resource allocator and understands its responsibility to ensure that every dollar is spent properly and bit more information they’re just going to summarize the key points here over the last year significant progress has been made to upgrade the entire if you’re in protocol different clients including or different client teams including Nimbus, Prism, Sigma Prime and Substrate Shasper, that’s a tongue-twister, have been working in the major upgrade dubbed Ethereum 2.0 and I actually have made a video about theorem 2.0 now I’ll provide a link to that in this as well so jump a bit here plans for the next year prominent organizations such as Microsoft, HTC and Opera have shown their interest in developing new technologies on top of the protocol then and as it says at the beginning of the article thirty million dollars being injected into the Ecosystem a lot of it going to help developers as well more information in the article I’ll provide a link to this crypto slate article and the other articles in general in the description what are your thoughts on this what do people think about the addition and subtraction mindset how well this is bowed with those in the community or the Ethereum Network and Foundation I should say trying to grow a theorem especially when you have competitors and very aggressive competitors in the space Tron EOS… TRON & Cardano especially there’s been there’s been a bit of banter with the past say six or 12 months who’s got the better platform which tokens going to thrive I mean I hope they all do well but one is probably going to trump the other so to speak your thoughts on this I think it’s personally in a nutshell I think it’s great that more funding is being injected into this we need the R&D but we want the money to be well spent and I do want to point out as well I meant to say earlier that there was a reference to this in a different article it’s a CCN article here about 30 million dollars being injected into aetherium and then this goes into more detail about what Ethereum 2.0 is there’s an interview here with Vitalik I recommend you check that video out on the CCN website there Ethereum 2.0 is no facelift according to this so we’re looking at trying to get some ink novel and expand it and make it superior to what we have now we need something faster more streamlined so on and so forth more information here a link to both of those there let’s focus on my price prediction so let’s go to live coin watch and have a look the prices overall. Before we jump into my price prediction a healthy growth in the past 24 hours and we’ve seen well not just the past 24 hours but the past month let’s have a look at coins prices as well as you can see it has shot up since the beginning of while since the end of April there let’s focus on the star of the show today we have the theorem prices and the growth let’s have a look at the growth in the past month again yes similar to Bitcoin its growth the past 30 days at about 68% there I want to draw your attention to circulating supply in the total supply it now what I have done I have created a PowerPoint presentation very brief looking at this my opinion is so we’re going to look at realistically let’s say 110 million ether circulating supply or total supply and then I’ve got one under 120 million they’ve been some websites talking about having a cap at 120 million we will see what happens let’s say okay so giving you the first one here $500 per ether we’re looking at a fifty five billion dollar market cap when do I think we’ll hit this I think it’s a matter of when not if because at the moment we’re sitting at I think was two hundred and sixty eight dollars their token I reckon the middle of August oh it’s currently the end of May I believe we will hit five hundred dollars per ether $1,000 per ether I definitely believe we can get to that again we got to the all-time high of I’m not looking at this I don’t have it on the screen I think was $1300 or maybe a bit more don’t quote me on that $1,000 per ether simple calculation we double that to get a hundred and ten billion dollars okay and if we double that again straightforward we’re looking at two hundred and twenty billion but let’s say if and this is a matter of if now if Ethereum really takes off with this upgrades and the whole ecosystem all cryptocurrencies get mass scale adoption then possibly maybe hopefully we get to $5,000 per ether pretty straightforward just get this and multiply that by 10 that will be five hundred and fifty billion dollars mark cap ether to have $5,000 per ether that is insane would be wonderful but never say never look at the growth of Bitcoin over the past eight to ten years let’s have a look at a 120 million dollar ether now just to reiterate I do believe that here for when we hit these prices the same time frames will appear so we could probably do 5500 sorry and a thousand possibly by the end of this year or maybe early next year but let’s have a look here so this would be sixteen billion dollars $500 per ether there’ll be a hundred and twenty billion a thousand per ether $2,000 per eighth will be two hundred and forty billion and $5,000 per ether if we have mass scale adoption of crypto and a theorem gets its upgrades so on and so forth six hundred billion dollars as a tow market cap with that total supply there could we get to this what are your thoughts I am curious to see what people have to say in regards to that alrighty that’s a wrap thank you very much for tuning in if you liked the video give it a thumbs up feel free to share it with anyone who you believe enjoyed it subscribe if you want to stay up to date and hit the bell icon if you don’t want to miss out on any of my latest videos i’m planning to start a patreon account shortly and trying to get some more people on board to show their support want to get people more involved in making the channels in terms of giving their input about what they would like to see done how much of a certain topic so on and so forth to try and get all of you more involved thank you again for tuning in if you just want to say as well leave a comment if you want to say g’day or just share your feedback I hope you’re having a wonderful day afternoon or evening wherever you are and I hope it’s all fantastic so thank you very much, have a wonderful day. 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